Yoga Teacher Education

Private Teacher Coaching

(Private Teacher Coaching also available remotely via Skype)

In the course of developing the craft of teaching yoga, questions and issues often arise that are best answered in a one on one mentoring setting. Private Teacher Coaching is a valuable and necessary investment for yoga instructors who have such questions and wish to take their teaching to a new level. Some common topics include:
1. How to calm down, take a breath, and just be yourself
2. How to recognize and trust your intuition and marry it to technique
3. Advanced sequencing (both physical and energetic)
4. How to "read" a room and what that really means
5. How to throw a structured plan out the window and teach to what you see

For Private Teacher Coaching, Alex recommends that you have 6 months to a year of experience teaching at least one regular weekly yoga class.


Teacher Trainings

300 Hour Sanctuary Power Yoga Teacher Training, Canton and Torrington CT
My dear friend and trusted colleague Heather Rems Korwin is leading a fantastic 300 hour training at her studios in Connecticut starting this fall. I will be visiting faculty to this training teaching modules on anatomy, workshop planning and structure, and yoga for mental health and trauma.

For more info and to register click here.


Content bottom quote 1

"I have to thank you [Alex] for getting me
safely and comfortably practicing yoga. I realize you
must have researched poses and adaptations to
suit my needs. It made so much difference to me,
to practice a pose the way you showed me and with
your support, as compared to a method from a book.
That gave me confidence to practice regularly and
an awareness of alignment to carry into other poses.
I feel so much stronger and able to get through most
days with my back pain under control." – KB