Reiki and Energy Work

Usui Reiki 

Reiki is a hands-on energetic healing technique from Japan. Reiki practitioners channel healing energy through their hands to assist the body in lowering stress and increasing energy. Reiki sessions are safe and natural, promoting a sense of well-being and lightness. Sessions work well in conjunction with traditional care and can help reduce uncomfortable side effects and to restore balance to the body.

If you are an empath or a highly sensitive personalty, energy work is a great way to help you filter the energetic noise around you and develop healthy energetic and psychic boundaries. Alex is both an empath and highly sensative and loves working with others to manage their gifts and reduce the stress of sensing so much energetic noise.

Alex is a Level 3 Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher certified and attuned by Reiki Master Jenè Rossi of the Usui Reiki Ryoho. Alex has a wide variety of experiences, including work with clients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as with clients affected by digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, joint inflammation, and chronic systemic stress.